Do you want to know the number one problem my readers tell me about?

It usually starts with these exact words, “I followed the recipe exactly BUT….”

And goes on to tell me how their baking didn’t turn out exactly right.

It’s incredibly disheartening when a recipe doesn’t turn out, or when you can’t get something to be just the way you envision it. I’ve been listening to all of these messages, I see you struggling, and I deeply want to help.

Hi. I’m Tessa Arias, the creator of The Magic of Baking.

If the frustrating situation I just described sounds like a scene pulled out of your kitchen, keep reading. Because I have an invitation for you.
Here it is:
You are officially invited to view your kitchen as your sanctuary. That therapeutic place where you can unwind, relax, and regain control. To create consistently delicious treats that wow your friends and allow you to show the people closest to you just how much you love and adore them. To spend time with your family making memories they’ll cherish forever. All while indulging in the most delightful treats of your life.

You don’t need an expensive culinary degree to create bakery-quality treats. You don’t need to be a chemistry nerd to understand the science of baking. All you need is to unlock the hidden magic of baking to create mouthwatering results you won’t believe.

About Tessa

I’m Tessa Arias – a trained chef, cookbook author, and the creator of Handle the Heat. I’ve been baking and developing recipes for years.

I help people who crave a more delicious life. I show them how to bring more sweetness to their lives and impress their friends and family with the best homemade recipes. All while sprinkling in my favorite tips, tricks, and a little baking science to all but guarantee your success in the kitchen.

I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve spent the thousands of $$ on culinary school. I’ve tested countless recipes. I’ve done endless baking experiments. I’ve done more dishes than I’d ever want to count in the pursuit of deliciousness.

And now I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.
This is my life’s work, and it’s a dream come true!